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Health Living
Made Easy
Since 2005 we have been designing and manufacturing superior appliances
for improving longevity, health and well being. The life changing stories from
clients for weight-loss, to beating cancer keeps us motivated to accelerate
innovation and improvement in our ever increasing product range.
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DNA Smart Airfryer
Introducing the NEW DNA Smart Airfryer
Smart Living
Made Easy
The DNA Smart Airfryer offers a Large, 5.7L Basket with visible window to
view the progress of your meal without opening, ensuring that the heat
remains trapped for the fastest and best cooking results. Operate the
Smart Air Fryer from your mobile device or view, collect & share recipes.
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DNA Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis
Purify your DNA
Enjoy Purified Water
That's Smart & Convenient
Reverse Osmosis has been the most highly regarded water filtration choice
for many decades. With our Counter Top & Under Counter Water Purification
Solutions, we have made RO Water Purification, Simple, Easy and Smart.
Enjoy Purified Water without the installation and filter replacement hassles.
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DNA Airfryer Oven
Nourish your DNA
Prepare Healthy Meals
Quickly and Easily
Air Fryers have taken the world by storm, because they half cooking time,
reduce fat by up to 80% and save on electricity. The added benefit of the DNA
Range of Airfryers is that you have multiple accessories for a larger variety of
meals, more space, as well as superior build quality made from Stainless Steel.
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DNA Juicer Range View our Range
Repair your DNA
Enjoy Nutrient Rich
Cold Pressed Juices
Cold Press Juicers are proven to retain up to 98% of Vitamins, Minerals and
Live Enzymes. They also easily process a wider Range of Fruit, Vegetables
Leafy Greens and Herbs from Apples and Oranges to Kale, Broccoli and even
Wheatgrass. Let us guide you into the amazing world of Cold Press Juicing.
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DNA Commercial Juicers
DNA for Commercial
Beyond the Home
Commercial Quality
Our Range extends beyond the home to Commercial Environments
where Durability and Robustness are of utmost importance to
business success. Trust the Leaders in Health Kitchen Appliances
to outsmart the rest in our Range of Commercial Appliances.
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DNA Airfryer Oven
14th December 2021

The best thing ever invented! Love mine.

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