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Since 2005 we have been designing and manufacturing superior appliances
for improving longevity, health and well being. The life changing stories from
clients for weight-loss, to beating cancer keeps us motivated to accelerate
innovation and improvement in our ever increasing product range.
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Repair your DNA
Enjoy Nutrient Rich
Cold Pressed Juices
Cold Press Juicers are proven to retain up to 98% of Vitamins, Minerals and
Live Enzymes. They also easily process a wider Range of Fruit, Vegetables
Leafy Greens and Herbs from Apples and Oranges to Kale, Broccoli and even
Wheatgrass. Let us guide you into the amazing world of Cold Press Juicing.
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DNA Juicers
Feed your DNA
Change your DNA
By What you Eat
Your diet is certainly in communication with your DNA, and it is possible to change
the expression of your DNA by what you eat. DNA appliances are designed with
the consideration that your diet can change your DNA. Our mission is to innovate
appliances that allow your DNA to thrive, resulting in A Younger You.
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DNA Blenders
Nourish your DNA
Your Daily Meal Choices
Determine your Longevity
Selective Eating of Foods Rich in Resveratrol and Intermittent Fasting have proven
to have a positive effect on the Aging Process. Our Mission is to make Healthy
Eating as quick and easy as possible, so that you can get on with your life whilst
benefiting from all the age defying effects that Healthy Eating can have on your Life.
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DNA Commercial Juicers
DNA for Commercial
Beyond the Home
Commercial Quality
Our Range extends beyond the home to Commercial Environments
where Durability and Robustness are of utmost importance to
business success. Trust the Leaders in Health Kitchen Appliances
to outsmart the rest in our Range of Commercial Appliances.
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Happy Customers

DNA Raw Press Juicer
29th June 2021

What I like about the DNA Raw Press Juicer is, it’s a really nice looking machine and it's is so easy to operate. The quality of the juice is really great. The cleaning of the DNA Raw Press Juicer, is also easy, and takes 3 minutes and the price paying for this juicer is really a bargain.

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