Air Fryer Baking

Baking enthusiasts have discovered a game-changer in the kitchen – the versatile airfryer or airfryer oven. While these appliances are renowned for their ability to whip up crispy fries and juicy wings, their prowess extends to the realm of baking as well. Let’s delve into some tips for baking in your airfryer and explore the pros and cons of this innovative approach to your favorite pastime.


    Tips for Baking in Your Airfryer:

    1. Temperature Matters: Adjust the temperature slightly lower than traditional oven settings. Airfryers circulate hot air efficiently, ensuring even baking without the need for higher temperatures.

    2. Preheat with Precision: Preheating is crucial for consistent results. Give your airfryer a few minutes to reach the desired temperature before introducing your baking masterpiece.

    3. Mind the Size: Opt for smaller batches to allow proper air circulation. Overcrowding may lead to uneven baking, affecting the texture and taste of your treats.

    4. Check Early, Check Often: Keep a close eye on your bakes, especially during the first few attempts. Airfryers work quickly, and it’s easy to achieve perfection without risking overdone goodies.

    5. Experiment with Accessories: Explore the use of accessories like baking pans and silicone moulds designed for airfryers. They enhance versatility and make cleanup a breeze.

    Benefits of Baking with an Airfryer:

    1. Speedy Results: Airfryers excel at reducing cooking times, making them ideal for those craving quick, delicious baked goods.

    2. Energy Efficiency: Save on energy costs with the air fryer’s ability to reach baking temperatures swiftly, minimizing the time your appliance needs to be in operation.

    3. Healthier Options: Baking in an airfryer requires less oil, promoting a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste or texture.

    Cons to Consider:

    1. Limited Capacity: Smaller airfryers may struggle with larger baking projects, requiring multiple batches.

    2. Learning Curve: Adjusting recipes and cooking times may take a bit of trial and error as you acquaint yourself with the nuances of airfryer baking.


    While standard airfryers are certainly capable of delivering delightful baked goods, the larger-style airfryer ovens equipped with baking trays offer a superior experience for baking enthusiasts. The expanded capacity and the inclusion of specific accessories cater to the diverse baking needs, providing ample room for creativity without compromising on quality. As you embark on your baking adventures, consider the larger-style airfryer oven as the perfect companion to elevate your culinary endeavours. Happy baking!