DNA Airfryer Oven

7-in-1 Multifunctional 14.5L Air Fryer

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The DNA Airfryer Oven is an 7-in-1 Air Fryer, Oven, Grill, Dehydrator, Food Warmer, Rotisserie and Toaster. The Tempered Glass, Touch-Control Panel and Steel Casing with 14.5L Capacity make it a high-end Multi-Cooker with exceptional Quality finishes and built to last. Choose from either Manual Programming or Automatic Functions for all of your favourite foods.

It includes 12 Accessories, with Food-Grade Approval, which enables the full use of the 14.5L Capacity and turns this air fryer into so much more than just an air fryer.

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The DNA Airfryer Oven is a 7-in-1 Air Fryer, Oven, Grill, Dehydrator, Rotisserie, Food Warmer and Toaster. The Glass Touch-Control Panel and Stainless Steel Casing with 14.5L Capacity make it a high-end Multi-Cooker with exceptional Quality finishes and built to last. Choose from either Manual Programming or Automatic Functions for all of your favourite foods. Enjoy healthier food with up to 80% less fat made in half the time to a conventional oven. Roast a full chicken, grill your favourite steak, air fry chips, bake your favourite cake or treat, grill fresh hake and seafood, dehydrate fruit for that healthy alternative lunchbox snack and even make popcorn!

Air Fryer Features:

• Airfryer Type: Airfryer Oven
• Capacity: 14.5L
• Temperature Range: 40°C - 220°C
• Preset Functions: 16
• Timer: 1 Minute to 8 Hours
• Accessories: 12
• Control Panel: Glass Digital Touch-Screen
• Rotisserie Rotation ability: 360°
• Food Grade Approved: Yes
• Material: Steel Housing, Heating Element and Stainless Steel Internal Cavity


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Capacity: 14.5 L
Power Output: 1700 Watts
Power Input: AC 220V, 50-60Hz
Weight: 13 kg
Dimensions: 43 x 39 x 52 cm

What's in the Box

• 1 x DNA Airfryer Oven
• 1 x Frying Basket
• 1 x Baking Tray
• 1 x Frying Pan
• 1 x Dehydrate Rack
• 2 x Mesh Baskets
• 1 x Wire Rack
• 1 x Rotisserie Skewer and Fork
• 1 x Rolling Cage
• 1 x High Rack
• 1 x Drip Tray
• 1 x Cage Tong
• 1 x Recipe Book
• 1 x User Manual

Cleaning Instructions

Step 1: Only wash once the power plug is pulled out and the body and accessories are fully cooled down
Step 2: Clean accessories with a kitchen detergent after soaking in warm water
Step 3: Lightly wipe the outside/inside of the body with a Microfibre Cloth or Sponge and if stains are severe, wipe it off using a mild detergent
Step 4: Remove food waste from the element by wiping it with a Microfibre Cloth or Sponge


Appliance 2 Years
Accessories 1 Year

36 reviews for DNA Airfryer Oven

  1. Charl

    This oven is amazing! I love that I can cook my favourite meals half the time and add so much more food to this air fryer. I would definitely recommend this air fryer oven to any family.

  2. Clarissa

    Absolutely an incredible airfryer! Received mine as a gift, and I can’t imagine cooking this conveniently before this airfryer. Highly recommendable.

  3. Mike

    Great product and easy to use. It’s a sturdy machine and I like the fact that its made of quality steel. Takes less space in my kitchen than my microwave. Food settings can be adjusted for every meal I make. I like that I can see the food. 10 out of 10.

  4. Kagiso M

    My family enjoys using this air fryer oven. Kids love making popcorn and watching it happens. Good investment, saves power and the accessories are all good quality. Definitely recommended.

  5. Ronel Aylward

    I recently bought the Airfryer for myself as a birthday gift and am very pleased with it. Only used it once, but was satisfied with its performance. Looking forward to experiment with preparing healthy dishes with significantly reduced cooking time. I would also definitely recommend the air fryer oven to any family.

  6. Linda McCahon

    I have had my DNA AIR FRYER for 18months. I receive it as gift. Most amazing gift ever. I make a delicious Por Belly with all the trimmings. I use the DNA almost everyday.

  7. Christie de Beer

    Our to go oven, hubby on standby every 2nd night… No problem… DNA way we go….quick party snacks…. No problem…. DNA way we go. The best of the best… No link to post a pic with my best appliance

  8. Junita van Coller

    This is one of my favourite kitchen appliances. I use it daily for everything from baking to making lamb chops. It makes the best cookies, when I remember to use the setting. It’s easy to clean and all the accessories can go into the dishwasher which is amazing.

  9. Alison Myburgh

    It’s a spacious one, heating from above and also from below for even baking.
    It bakes well, it roasts well, it is solid and strong. Only complaints: it’s hard to clean behind the top element and the black non-stick coating on accessories comes off very easily, unlike ceramic coating (and next thing the exposed bits rust in the dishwasher). So don’t buy for the accessories, you need to get your own.
    I like the roll-cage, I like the glass door, I like the stainless steel interior. It doesn’t seem to cook much faster than an oven, but it preheats in only 2 min.
    I have had mine for 4 months.
    On the whole, I love it.

  10. Marje

    Very happy with my DNA Airfryer. Have one complaint, its difficult to clean behind the top element.

  11. Vanessa Browne

    I use my DNA Airfryer Oven daily. I’ve baked in it quite a bit now as well. I don’t use all the accessories. I haven’t experienced the rusting of accessories like some others have. It’s bigger than my previous airfryer and a bit more versatile I think. Overall, a great buy so far.

  12. Janet Greeff

    Excellent quality and all the accessories that comes with it makes the DNA simply the best. Have mine for nearly 2 years and absolutely loving it. Use if every day.

  13. Candice Venter

    By far the best investment I have made. Cooks to perfection, easy to use and clean and just such a life saver in those busy times

  14. Randel Adonis

    This is my best appliance in the kitchen, my go to everyday. By far my best investment ever. Cleans easy and is built to last a lifetime

  15. Reinet Pretorius

    My DNA Is one of my best purchases – I cannot go without… cannot remember when last I used a oven – and makes the best toast. Cleaning is not a problem. ONLY time it is not used is during loadshedding . Absolutely ❤️ my DNA

  16. Brandon Winchester

    One of the best air airfryers! We never use the oven anymore. I can cook my whole family’s meals in here amd it helps cooking for my kids so much easier amd quicker. Has so many accessories and different cooking and baking baskets.
    I could not live without my DNA Airfryer.

  17. Shaun Winchester

    I’ve been using my DNA airfryer for almost 2 years now, use it almost every night, absolutely love it! I’ve used it for cooking and baking! So good, I bought 1 for my brother for Christmas! 😀 👍

  18. Kelley Short

    Absolutely LOVING my new DNA airfryer. It is incredibly efficient, easy to clean and has saved me an immense amount of time. I am still very new at air frying, have tested a few meals and each and every one of them have come out perfectly.

  19. Shaun Winchester

    I absolutely love my DNA Airfryer!! I’ve had it for almost 2 years and use it almost everyday! I cook in it, I bake in it.
    I highly recommend it to anybody. What also differentiates between other airfryer is the shelving, allowing to stack foods to cook more.
    Have never had any issues with it! 😀
    In fact, I love it so much, I got 1 for my brother for Christmas!!
    Super convenient and easy to clean.

  20. Ralf

    Absolutely Amazing Air Fryer Oven! Works like a bomb, makes delicious meals and saves power. What more do you want

  21. Karl schweiger

    Absolutely the best appliance I have ever bought. Quality and I love trying out new ideas, makes me love cooking again ,

  22. Kyle Jacobs

    I work from home and the DNA airfryer Performance, Heat and Timer settings is ideal for when being in back-to-back Zoom meetings all day and still being able to prepare dinner while working a full day.

  23. Mark Roe

    From being airfryer nay sayers to airfryer addicts.
    When I saw all the other air fryers out there, they did nothing for me. Then I saw the DNA and it just looks like a proper piece of kit.
    Then I was told about all the accessories that come with it, I was sold.
    I thought it might be difficult to use, but from the first moment it was easy to use. I keep trying new things, and it always seems to come out right.
    My wife doesn’t like to cook, and that is a understatement, but she even loves this DNA.
    All and all, a very happy customer.

  24. Cornea Van Schalkwyk

    The DNA is my best buy ever. It saves so much cooking time and therefore we have more family time. And all the accessories that come with it! You won’t find another air fryer matching it.

  25. Alida Perry

    Cooking made easy and so quick… the best for me is the fact that Im not scrubbing potsand pan… the taste us so healthy and not greasy…. cleaning your racks and basketa is also quick…. so we never have to stress if people arrive foe dinner… you take a drink … press that button… and u dont gave to stand at a hot stove cooking a steak and turning it … go and sit with friends and have a drink…. cheers

  26. Yolandi Bourman

    OH! I love my airfryer the best investment i ever made i use it every day .. Will never go back to using an oven . I LOVE IT….

  27. Thando

    I absolutely love my airfryer! I love the versatility of cooking a wide range of foods in it. I love that it’s big, it’s easy to use and the food comes out, absolutely Mouth-watering. I love it!

  28. Amanda

    I absolutely LOVE my DNA Airfryer!!! I’ve been making from starters to desserts. No matter what you make, it is always so delicious, and this is for sure my most favourite kitchen appliance. I will never ever be able to go without my Airfryer…I just love it so much!

  29. Xenia

    This little monster will change the way you feel and think about cooking. I have had air fryers in the past, but nothing quite like this!
    It comes with all the accessories you could possibly need and more! Not only does it replace almost all my appliances that I currently have, but it also looks very stylish and makes my life a whole lot easier. No more washing loads of pots and pans or waiting for my oven to pre-heat. It saves me heaps of cooking and cleaning time. If you are considering buying an air fryer, don’t walk… RUN and get this air fryer oven today!

  30. Karen

    This is the best appliance we own, and is used almost everyday (except when we braai). Easy to clean. I have cooked, baked, dehydrated, grilled and roasted everything I would have in a traditional oven. On my recommendation, 4 families have purchased this appliance. I love it!

  31. Simone

    Have it for an week and use it for everything works perfectly cleaning is a bit difficult but works like a dream the functions is easy to use aswell love it

  32. Sheree

    Excellent product! So easy to use and so many options! Best buy! Love it!!

  33. Sheree

    Excellent product! Love it. So many possibilities to cook, bake, etc. Highly recommended!!!

  34. Dean davies

    Halves our cooking time, so versatile. Great programs and healthy food.

  35. Wim Erasmus

    Awesome product with all accessories you’ll need! Changed our camping life! Baking bread, warming precooked meals and grill veggies, now have an oven in caravan. Will definitely recommend

  36. Lesley Hawley

    The DNA air fryer is so much more than just an air fryer. It looks amazing in my modern kitchen. Cooking, baking, frying and roasting is flop proof in this multi use oven. I don’t think I’ll ever need my under counter oven again. Unbeatable value for money.

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