So you got yourself an air fryer and now you are looking for recipes to use in this wonderful appliance of yours.

If you are lucky you received a recipe book with your air fryer and that’s great. But what about those favourite dishes you used to make that are not in that recipe book? Well, there are a couple of places you can look.

  1. Google it – As they say, google is your friend. But not always. It’s sometimes hard to find the right recipe with all the available blogs out there and then there is the problem of conversions etc. If you have time this is a workable option.
  2. Ask a Friend – This also works, but then again, does your friend use an air fryer? And do they use the one you are using?
  3. Recipe Books – Recipe books definitely work and there are many air-frying recipe books available in South Africa. You don’t have to look far. Takealot.com have loads of options for you to choose from. But which one do you choose?

At DNA Health we have thought about this scenario and we wanted it to be simple. We created a space where you can find easy recipes specifically for air frying, where you don’t have to look too far, and can get some help with some of your favourite recipes.

The DNA Airfryer South Africa Group on Facebook is the best place to find all the help you need. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in the kitchen this group is a benefit for all.

So If you are looking for some advice, and recipes or share an amazing dish you created, join the Facebook group and have some fun with your DNA Airfryer Oven or DNA Smart Airfyer. Anyone can join and you are welcome to share your knowledge on air frying or learn with the rest of us.