Super Blender Comparison.

Super Benders allow you to prepare healthier food faster. They are like 10 machines in your kitchen all combined into one as they can fulfill so many different functions as well as unleash the power of foods and the way you can prepare them.

With a Super Blender you can do the following:

• Grind coffee/grains/meat/beans/herbs/spices
• Make raw nuts butters and frozen deserts from fresh ingredients in 30 seconds
• Puree soups/smoothies/batters/porridge/fondues without the need to add liquid – all made within 2 mins
• Juice whole fruit with peels and pips – start to cleanup in under 4 mins. The pulp of juices is often the most nutritious part of the juice and thus juicing with a super blender as opposed to a juicer has its advantages!
• Kneads bread
• Whips egg whites and cream
• Shreds cheese

But how is this different to a standard blender you may ask?

A standard blender can only blend soft produce with liquid so fruits need to be peeled and vegetables need to be par-boiled; with water added for all recipes. They cannot grind coffee or grains or knead bread, and nut butters cannot be processed until they are smooth. The ability of normal blenders to grind ice; nuts and dates is limited. The motor usually burns out much quicker which is why the warranties are so much shorter. Due to its speed a super blender is self-cleaning too – just add a drop of organic dish-washing liquid and some water, and your machine is ready for its next use.
Ok, so getting a super blender is a no brainer, but what are the differences between super blenders?

If you can afford it, the Vita Mix is certainly the queen of her class. It’s been voted ‘Overall Best in Class’ by the American food-service industry four years in a row. It comes with a 7-year warranty and everything can be done without attachments. If that is a little out of your price range, the DNA Super Blender is a fantastic option, made with the latest energy-saving technology and a powerful motor, and great value for money.