DNA Water Purifier – Mineral Grey

Counter Top RO with Smart Technology

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The DNA Water Purifier is a countertop Water Purifier requiring no installation and featuring 4-Stage Water Purification including Filtration via Reverse Osmosis, as well as 5 different temperature settings from ambient temperature of 25°C up to 95°C, therefore producing instant hot water on demand.

This Smart Water Purifier is completely portable, looks great on your counter, measures the TDS of water prior to as well as after purification and indicates when water filter cartridges need replacing.

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The sleek and compact design of the DNA Water Purifier, the ability to dispense filtered water in 150ml, 250ml, 330ml and continuous flow volume intervals as well as the ease of changing filtration cartridges in 5 seconds makes it a must have for all households requiring pure and safe drinking water for the entire family.

Water Purifier Specifications:

• Filter Type: Reverse Osmosis
• No Installation Required
• 5 Temperate Settings: 25°C - 95°C
• 4 Water Volume Settings: 150ml | 250ml | 350ml | Continuous Flow
• Capacity: 5L
• Digital Control Panel
• Filter Lifespan Indicator: Yes
• Water Quality Indicator: Yes
• Baby Bottle Button: Yes
• Child Lock Button: Yes
• 10 Seconds Filter Cartridge Replacement


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What's in the Box

• 1 x DNA Water Purifier
• 1 x Drip Tray
• 1 x Removable 3L External Tank
• 1 x User Manual

Care Instructions

Step 1: Water Purifier can be wiped down with Microfibre Cloth or Sponge
Step 2: The 3L External Tank must be removed from the purifier and the remaining water should be discarded before being refilled when the ‘change water’ light appears
Step 3: If the machine is not used for a long period, the built-in tank must be drained out through the drainage at the back of the machine to remove dull water.
Step 4: Replacement of filter cartridges:

Cartridge 1 (PP+CTO): 9-12 months
Cartridge 2 (Pre-Activated Carbon): 9-12 months
Cartridge 3 (RO Membrane):12-18months
Cartridge 4 (Post-Activated Carbon): 12-18 months


Appliance 2 Years

2 reviews for DNA Water Purifier – Mineral Grey

  1. Rina

    Excellent Product. Would have been nice for a cooler water setting.

  2. Allyssa

    Had mine for a while now and it’s amazing.

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