When you think of the generic air fryer the general idea would be this closed-off appliance. They are sealed off from the outside world and unless you open the drawer to check on your food you would have no idea what’s going on, or what’s on the inside if you didn’t put it in there.

These days you can find air fryers with visible windows. They look modern and stylish, but the question is, why would you want one?

The answer lies in how the air fryer works.

Air fryers circulate hot air around the food cooking it from the outside in. Giving your dish the crispy exterior you like with less fat and less time. Some foods like chicken can be cooked without using any extra oils or fats. So no need for excessive amounts of oil in your food.

An air fryer uses the convection method. In cooking, the term convection refers to a method of heat transfer where food is heated by a moving heat source. In an air fryer, the process starts by circulating hot air with a fan around the food in the tray or basket. The basket quickly heats up from the heat source and the cooking process starts. The outside of the food becomes brown and crispy when the hot air is circulated.

Back to having the visible window. As people, we are always tempted to check on our food. Because of a lack of visibility, we have to open our air fryer basket to see our food and how the cooking process is going. But this disrupts the cooking cycle, and you lose the hot air that the air fryer generated. Doing this can increase your cooking time. This is the first reason.

The second reason – Is that no two recipes, or air fryers, are the same, and cooking times can differ. With a visible window, you can track if your food is being overcooked or not. In the case of baking, you can easily see how it is going with what you are baking.

The last reason is more of a fun one. You can see the transformation of your food. So if you like to post your air-frying adventures on social media, a visible window is a must-have. They look great and are fun to watch.

Have a look at the DNA airfryer range and you’ll see that ‘seeing is believing.