DNA Microfibre Sponge

Scratch-Free Super Absorbant


The DNA Microfibre Sponge is a versatile and essential accessory in every kitchen for household cleaning that won’t scratch your valuable appliances like your Air Fryer. Our sponge is specifically designed to provide gentle but effective cleaning without damaging surfaces.

The DNA Microfibre Sponge is made from high-quality microfiber material that is perfect for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including kitchen appliances, countertops, and even delicate dishes. Its soft and non-abrasive texture ensures that your appliances and other surfaces are left clean and scratch-free. Works well when paired with the DNA Microfibre Cloth

Our DNA Microfibre Sponge is also highly absorbent, making it ideal for wiping up spills and stains. It can easily be rinsed out and reused multiple times, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for household cleaning.

The DNA Microfibre Sponge is also easy to clean and sanitise. Simply rinse it thoroughly with water and allow it to dry. It can also be washed in a washing machine for added convenience.

Best of all, it includes 2 Microfibre Sponges.

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• Perfect for cleaning air fryers and other kitchen appliances
• Soft, non-abrasive microfiber cleaning sponge will not scratch paints, vinyl, glass, finishes, coatings, or other surfaces
• Durable and reusable - wash and reuse
• Easy to use size - 12cm diameter
• Microfilaments create a capillary effect, which sucks up moisture along with dirt.
• Clean without detergent
• Absorbs water effectively and sufficiently.

For Best Results:
• Use a slightly damp sponge for usual cleaning and use the sponge with hot water for tough dirt and stains.

What's in the Box

• 1 x Green microfibre sponge
• 1 x Grey microfibre sponge

Care Instructions

Step 1: Clean using warm soapy water
Note: For best results – Use a slightly damp sponge
Use hot water for tough dirt and stains
No detergent required


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