The DNA Super Blender provides the perfect amount of nutrients in one amazing smoothie machine.

As a mother of two toddlers, eating healthy remains a challenge. That is why I love getting my dose of Vitamins and Minerals through my daily Smoothie, which blends in 30 – 45 seconds with the DNA Blender. Thanks to the DNA for making staying healthy quick and easy.
Janine Watkins – Mom of 2

DNA food blender makes a healthy life easy to reach.

DNA Super Blender has become part of my daily lifestyle. Wake-up, Gym, Protein Smoothie, Tackle the day. It’s super fast and smooth and fits perfectly into my fast-paced lifestyle, where fitness and health are high priorities.
Chris Scott – Business Man

The DNA super blender will make you excited for your breakfast smoothie.

Thanks to the DNA Blender, I no longer have any excuse to skip the most important meal of the day. One Button press and my Blueberry and Goji Berry Smoothie loaded with Anti-Oxidants are ready for drinking 45 seconds later. Thanks for an exceptional Blender.
Gunter Karl – Business Man

The DNA smoothie blender makes pefect smoothies.

I am most impressed by the DNA Blenders unbeatable processing Speed as well as its one Button Smoothie function via a Digital Display Panel. An added Bonus is the 2L Jug that allows me to prepare Smoothies, Soups and Nut Butters for my entire family in one super-fast blending cycle. Lisa Raleigh – Fitness Expert

My DNA super blender is the strongest food blender i have ever owned .

The DNA Blender offers the perfect Family Serving-Size 2L Jug and gets Smoothies, Soups and Nut Butters done in no time. There is no other blender that I previously owned that can compete in terms of Power, Speed, Elegance, and Quality.
Karolina R – Miss SA Finalist