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DNA food blender vs JTC omniblend technical comparison.

this video points out the best of the two food blenders.

In this Comparison video, the Topless DNA Chef points out the key technical differences between the DNA Super Blender and the JTC Omniblend including Jug, Cutting Unit, and Motor differences.

DNA Super Blender assembly.

Possibly the best blender on the market.

Watch the video on what you can expect from this amazing food blender.

The DNA Super Blender with Commercial Grade 3HP Motor promises to outperform any traditional blender by producing smoother results in shorter time periods with the ability to crush ice and frozen fruit, blend nuts into nut butter and make hot soups without comprising its heat-resistant 2L Jug. It is the perfect choice for families wanting quick blending, and family-sized servings in a single blending cycle. Also suited for commercial outfits like Restaurants, Bars and Hotels seeking a commercial-grade Blender to operate in the toughest of commercial kitchen blending requirements. This demonstration video shows what is included when unboxing the DNA Super Blender for the first time.

DNA Food Blender Recipes.

The NEW DNA Super Blender with 3HP Commercial-Grade Motor and 2L BPA Free Jug, promises to outperform all other In-Class food Blenders in Performance and Durability.
With its 1500 Watts of Power and 40000 RPM Speed, making Smoothies, Hot Soups and Nut Butters in seconds is now possible from the comfort of your home.

This video demonstrates the making of 3 Recipes in under 5 Minutes including a Dairy-Free Berry Smoothie, Butternut Soup and Macadamia Nut Butter.

DNA Super Blender – 3 Recipes in 5 Minutes