DNA Commercial Blender
Welcome to the DNA Commercial Blender
The DNA Commercial Blender features a super-powerful, 4HP Motor capable of
producing up to 3000 Watts of Power. The Sound Enclosure silences this work-
horse, making it perfect for front-of-house commercial kitchen applications.
The Programmable Digital Control Panel make operation super-easy and quick.
Trust that the DNA Commercial Blender will be a vital component in your kitchen.

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DNA Commercial Blender
4HP Commercial Blender with Sound Enclosure

DNA Commercial Blender 1.5L Jug

1.5L BPA-Free Jug with Stainless-Steel Blade Assembly

DNA Commercial Blender with Sound Enclosure

Sound Enclosure reducing sound to below 80 dBA

DNA Commercial Blender Control Panel

Digital Control Panel with Manual & Auto Functions


The DNA Commercial Blender with 4HP Motor and Sound-Enclosure, promises to outperform any traditional blender by producing smoother results in shorter time periods with the ability to crush ice and frozen fruit, blend nuts into nut butter and make hot soups without comprising its heat-resistant 1.5L Jug. It is the perfect choice for Commercial Environments requiring a silent but powerful Blender at front-of house. The Programmable Digital Control Panel, takes the headache out of manual operation. Trust the DNA Commercial Blender to be your best investment your Smoothie-Bar or Restaurant ever made.

DNA Commercial Blender

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• Blender Type: Commercial Blender
• Motor Type: Commercial
• Motor Power Output: 2200 Watts
• Motor Horse Power: 4HP
• Speed: Up to 30000 RPM
• Jug Size: 1.5L
• Jug Material: Polycarbonate (BPA Free)
• Low Noise: below 80db
• Digital Control Panel: Yes
• Includes 4HP Motor, 1.5L Jug, Tamper, Jug Lid, Jug Knob, User Manual.

DNA Commercial Blender

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• Warranty Type: Commercial
• Warranty on Motor: 3 Years
• Warranty on Parts and Labour: 1 Year

DNA Commercial Blender

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Weight and Dimensions

• Assembled Product Size: 23 x 24.5 x 46 cm
• Inner Carton Box Size: 32 x 26 x 41 cm
• Outer Carton Box Size: 34 x 28 x 43 cm
• Gross Weight: 9.5 KG
• Net Weight: 7.5 KG

DNA Commercial Blender

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DNA Commercial Blender

  • Can food be added while the appliance is in operation?
    The lid should always be in place while the appliance is in operation.
    To add ingredients during mixing, remove the feeder cap and insert the ingredients through the filling hole in the lid.
  • What is the "ICE CRUSH" function?
    If your appliance has this function, it allows you to make crushed ice, smoothies or frozen drinks by using the motor pulse function.
  • In what order should the food be placed in the bowl?
    Always pour the liquid ingredients into the jug first before adding the solid ingredients, without exceeding the maximum level indicated.
  • What is the maximum size for food that can be put into the blender?
    For best results the food should be cut into cubes of 2 to 3 cm maximum before blending it.
  • Can I put the blender bowl in the microwave?
    No, do not put the bowl in a microwave oven.
  • What should I do before using my blender for the first time?
    Before using it for the first time, we recommend that you wash all the blender accessories in hot soapy water, taking care not to injure yourself with the blades, which are extremely sharp. It is not necessary to wash the body of the blender before use.
  • How can I mix dry ingredients?
    Use the “pulse” function for 2 second bursts each time, for a maximum period of 3 minutes.
    Stop and leave the blender on pause for 15 minutes before restarting.
  • DNA Commercial blenders have been through strict quality control checks to ensure that they can withstand the demands placed on them in a commercial environment. Whether you own a cafe, bar, restaurant or gym; we have got you covered with our high-quality, powerful range of commercial blenders. The true workhorse of blenders.

    Our commercial blenders are designed to be used in high-volume kitchens, to offer fast turnaround times. They are extremely reliable and manufactured to meet the needs of your food and beverage business. By investing in a blender of this calibre, you gain a high-powered kitchen appliance that gets the blending job done quickly. Improve your menu and serve nourishing smoothies to your customers by selecting fine ingredients and following the healthy recipes on our website. Bring something new to the table that works and invest in a DNA Commercial Blender today.

    DNA Commercial Blender
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