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The DNA Super Blender provides the perfect amount of nutrients in one amazing smoothie machine.

As a mother of two toddlers, eating healthy remains a challenge. That is why I love getting my dose of Vitamins and Minerals through my daily Smoothie, which blends in 30 – 45 seconds with the DNA Blender. Thanks to the DNA for making staying healthy quick and easy.
Janine Watkins – Mom of 2

DNA Citrus Juicer

DNA Citrus Juicer – The world’s 1st Fully Automatic Citrus Juicer.

Make Citrus Juice faster than ever before and without the use of your hands.

Watch the video for a demonstration on how this amazing Citrus Juicer works.

The NEW DNA Citrus Juicer features a fully-automatic, patented juicing mechanism that operates with one button press that works completely hands-free. Perfect for juicing all Citrus Fruits including Oranges, Lemons, Lime and Grapefruit. It takes only 12 seconds to juice half a Citrus Fruit and best of all, is that it is super easy to clean by just rinsing the top parts with water.

DNA food blender makes a healthy life easy to reach.

DNA Super Blender has become part of my daily lifestyle. Wake-up, Gym, Protein Smoothie, Tackle the day. It’s super fast and smooth and fits perfectly into my fast-paced lifestyle, where fitness and health are high priorities.
Chris Scott – Business Man

The DNA super blender will make you excited for your breakfast smoothie.

Thanks to the DNA Blender, I no longer have any excuse to skip the most important meal of the day. One Button press and my Blueberry and Goji Berry Smoothie loaded with Anti-Oxidants are ready for drinking 45 seconds later. Thanks for an exceptional Blender.
Gunter Karl – Business Man

The DNA food blender is the best blender I have ever owned.

After going through two blenders, I had to get something that would last for the long term, as my breakfast smoothie is a vital part of my daily routine. The DNA Blender has exceeded all expectations and comes highly recommended.
Claudia Berger – Manager

The DNA smoothie blender makes pefect smoothies.

I am most impressed by the DNA Blenders unbeatable processing Speed as well as its one Button Smoothie function via a Digital Display Panel. An added Bonus is the 2L Jug that allows me to prepare Smoothies, Soups and Nut Butters for my entire family in one super-fast blending cycle. Lisa Raleigh – Fitness Expert

My DNA super blender is the strongest food blender i have ever owned .

The DNA Blender offers the perfect Family Serving-Size 2L Jug and gets Smoothies, Soups and Nut Butters done in no time. There is no other blender that I previously owned that can compete in terms of Power, Speed, Elegance, and Quality.
Karolina R – Miss SA Finalist

DNA food blender vs JTC omniblend technical comparison.

this video points out the best of the two food blenders.

In this Comparison video, the Topless DNA Chef points out the key technical differences between the DNA Super Blender and the JTC Omniblend including Jug, Cutting Unit, and Motor differences.

DNA Super Blender assembly.

Possibly the best blender on the market.

Watch the video on what you can expect from this amazing food blender.

The DNA Super Blender with Commercial Grade 3HP Motor promises to outperform any traditional blender by producing smoother results in shorter time periods with the ability to crush ice and frozen fruit, blend nuts into nut butter and make hot soups without comprising its heat-resistant 2L Jug. It is the perfect choice for families wanting quick blending, and family-sized servings in a single blending cycle. Also suited for commercial outfits like Restaurants, Bars and Hotels seeking a commercial-grade Blender to operate in the toughest of commercial kitchen blending requirements. This demonstration video shows what is included when unboxing the DNA Super Blender for the first time.

DNA Cold Press Juicer- Making a green juice.

using the DNA Cold Press juicer to make an outstanding green juice.

watch the video for a step by step explanation of how to make a green juice.

With the NEW third-generation DNA Cold Press Juicer, making healthy cold-pressed juice and sorbet is easier and quicker than ever before. The 75mm large feeding chute, juices whole fruits and vegetables using a patented cold-press screw mechanism. This demonstration video shows you how to make a healthy Green Vegetable Juice. We demonstrate the DNA Juicer by juicing Cucumber, Kale, Celery, Green Apple, Lemon, Green Apple, and Ginger.